Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth

Celite SKU: CELITE-545-1KG
Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth

Celite® 545 Diatomaceous Earth

Celite SKU: CELITE-545-1KG
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Celite® 545

Celite® 545 is a formulation of Diatomaceous Earth that is used as a filtration aid for the pre-processing of distillate.

Diatomaceous earth is considered as skeletal remains of single-celled algae/diatoms formed due to sedimentary deposits. This filtration aid is used in laboratory settings and is a surface-active filtration agent which causes abrasion and the adsorption of other materials such as plant lipids.

Celite® 545 or Diatomaceous Earth is also an effective alternative to chemical pesticides.

This powder is sold in an ultra-fine powder that should be used with the proper safety equipment and should not be inhaled because it may cause respiratory damage. Each bag includes a 5cc scoop inside.

NOTICE: In order to guarantee our chemicals are factory-fresh and untainted, we cannot accept consumables as returns for any reason.

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