7L Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator Pump Chiller Cooler -20°C

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7L Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulator Pump Chiller Cooler -20°C

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This product is automatic setting of PID algorithm without overshoot, complete function, easy to use, is the best product, analog temperature control is indispensable for medical apparatus and instruments, laboratory instruments commonly used temperature control equipment. Extensively used in Petrochemical industry, National Defense, Metallurgy, Chemical Industry, Physics, Biology Engineering, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, life science, electronic instrument, quality inspection and measurement, plant laboratory, colleges, Research and Development Institutes and so on.

Manual for Liquid Circulator Pump Chiller Cooler


1) With complete enclosed air- cooling compressor for refrigeration, low temperature thermostatic bath has outstanding advantages such as quick refrigeration and low noise.

2) Refrigeration system is equipped with multi-purpose protection devices such as over heating, over current and so on.

3) Temperature can be controlled by microcomputer, which can be operated simply, has alarming device for temperature under low temperature limit and over high temperature limit, and is equipped with PID automatic control.

4) Use double windows in red and green, upper window displays measurement value in red, and lower window displays measurement value in green, both in LCD.

5) Intelligent microcomputer can adjust temperature setting allowance so that digital display distinguish-ability reaches 0.1℃.

6) Special user PID can be adjusted.

7) It has internal and external cycles, external cycle will discharge thermostatic liquid inside the bath, and establish No. 2 thermostatic bath, also it can discharge liquid outside as cooling or heating source, to lower (raise)temperature of external experimental vessels, and enlarge use scope.


Model No.


Temperature scope()


Temperature change range()


Work bath volume(L×W×H)(mm)


Open slot of work bath(L×W)(mm)


Bath Depth(mm)


Flow rate of Exterior cycling pump(l/min)



110V/60 Hz


1500 W

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