6'' Tri Clamp Mesh Screen Gasket Viton FKM


6'' Tri Clamp Mesh Screen Gasket Viton FKM

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Datasheet for Tri Clamp Screen Gasket

[Size]: 6" Tri Clamp, OD:167mm, ID:148mm, Thickness:4.9mm. w/ 10Mesh, 40Mesh, 100Mesh, 2500Mesh.

[Quality Materials]: The 6" screen gasket is made of high quality vition with stainless screen filter which is durable, stable and corrosive resistance and good for long time using.

[Precise Design]: The viton screen gasket is designed with stainless screen filter in it which can filter effectively.

[High Working Temp. & Wide Range of Applications]: It can be used for connecting position between the pipes to ensure the pipeline sealing and filter impurities from the liquid. It is suitable for different media including water, gas, and oil with working at -40°F~446°F.

[Convenient organization and storage]: Packed in a small plastic bag with label. The gasket life depends on the working environment and the frequency of using, Check gasket Regularly for ageing, damaged or harden.

FKM gaskets, also known by their trademark name Viton®, are fluorocarbon rubber gaskets that have excelled resistance to high temperatures, ozone, mineral oil, synthetic fluid, aromatics, and organic solvents and chemicals. They are one of the most commonly used gaskets in extraction due to their solvent resistance and durability. Though not as long lasting as PTFE, they are softer which makes them far easier to seal.

These gaskets feature a mesh which is sealed into the gasket. The mesh allows for filtering of certain sized particles, holding them back while smaller particles can flow through. It's important to filter in steps, if you go to the finest mesh first you will have issues with clogging.

Note that the higher the mesh number, the finer the particles. For example, 10 mesh will allow a 1999 micron particle through, but 100 mesh will only let a 149 micron particle through.

Mesh vs Micron

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